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Kamahl Simon

The Lebanese kid from the bush who coaches business owners across 5 continents.

To say someone is “Born into business” is a bit of a cliche these days, but take yourself back to Tamworth, NSW in the 70’s, and there was a cheeky, irreverent, always in trouble at school kid, who came home from the hospital to the house that was literally at the back of the supermarket.

Not close by at the back…


When you walked through the lounge room door, you were standing behind the registers.

For 4 generations, dating back to 1908, our family have been business owners.

Today, as I look across my 16, 1st degree relatives, there are 21 businesses being operated.

While the other kids were playing cricket after school, riding bikes and building cubbies, I was bagging potatoes, pricing produce and serving customers.

By 10, I could calculate 30% markup on wholesale items in my head, and by the time I reached high school, aged 12, I was doing orders, running the newsagency by myself on a Sunday morning, and had developed an acute knack for making the old ladies smile.

Well my friend, we’ve had a few laps around the sun since then, but 1 thing has remained constant:

Ever since my 1st solo business venture at age 14, through the catering companies, fitness businesses and swag of other projects, it’s become clear to me that Business is hard-wired into my DNA.

I have a sharp eye for seeing the gaps in every business I walk into.

Rain man got nothing on me!

If we go for coffee, by the time we sit down, I’ve clocked the number of tables, averaged the daily covers, worked out the staffing and can see at least 3 inefficiencies that would improve process, flow and profitability.

And while business is hard-wired into my DNA, my love and passion lay in teaching.

Watching others grow beyond their wildest expectation, standing toe-to-toe with them in breakdowns, and arm-in-arm with breakthroughs – helping others succeed lights a fire in me that I cannot extinguish.

So here we are…

My 6th sense for business, with nearly 4 decades of experience…

That has landed with an absolute passion for helping others grow…

That’s how you come to be reading this today.

And the fact that I’ve been able to help over 2,000 business owners launch, grow and scale over the last decade, speaks for my ability to follow through and actually help you get the job done.

Come aboard – its a hell of a ride!

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