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The Scale Formula: Ascension Program

By now you've nailed the business basics and you're ready to scale.  But what got you here won't get you there.

Here's why:

Problem 1

You don't have an automated lead machine that you can control at the press of a button.

Problem 2

You're still doing sales manually/you don't have a system to handle the sales for you.

Problem 3

You're reaching your capacity to deliver the same quality to reach more people.

It’s time to start making the impact you know you’re destined for:
That’s the essence of Ascension.


An automated system that attracts, filters and nurtures your ideal prospects, turning them to customers


Now we take the heavy manual sales process and effortlessly convert pre-warmed prospects on auto-pilot.


Implement the Never-Quite-Full System giving your business unlimited delivery potential.

The Word On The Street

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If you're like me, you've probably just scrolled past all the crap to see what this offer is. So Here it is.

Your business is doing between 10-50K per month. You've hit a glass ceiling and you're ready to scale but you're not quite sure what to do next. You're serious about learning, implementing and growing.

Filtration CallTraining

This Filtration Call™  Training is the #1 proven tactic to filter prospects, establish authority and increase conversions by an average of 73%.
Simplicity in its design, power in its execution.





Everytime a client engages with the business, we use that new relationship to spread our impact around the world.

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